Digital White Boards

Tek Panel's® Digital Whiteboard display software will turn your Tek Panel® into your own digital white board. With the built-in touchscreen and Hitachi's Starboard Digital Annotation software, the Tek Panel® Digital Whiteboard System becomes the most powerful, most accurate, easy-to-use and cost-effective digital whiteboard system available.

Digital whiteboard technology gives you the ability to write and capture notes and drawings on a virtual (or physical) surface. There are many systems available that use a laptop or desktop PC, an LCD projector combined with a sensor and electromagnetic "markers" and an actual whiteboard that allow you to make presentations and mark up the screens to save for later perusal. Those systems can be expensive, complicated and far from accurate. Tek Panel's® all-in-one Digital Whiteboard System design is not only easier to install and maintain, it boasts lower total cost of ownership and is actually easier to use. The touchscreen allows you to use any pointed instrument, including your own fingers, to write on the virtual display.

Digital Whiteboard SystemsNot only can you mark up existing presentations, you can CREATE pages and drawings on the fly, write over any Window's application, including video. Hitachi's Intelligent Pen technology recognizes what you're writing and cleans and smooths characters for easier reading. You can save ALL pages and notes you've edited/created digitally to PDF, HTML or JPG for later retrieval. The Tek Panel® Digital Whiteboard System allows you to do all of this without purchasing unnecessary equipment. You will require no projector, no sensors, no electromagnetic pens, no markers, white boards or anything else in order to operate the unit. It comes right out the box ready to use.

Tek Panel® Digital Whiteboard Systems are available in 19", 24", 32", 37", 42", 46", 55", 57" and 70" models.

Tek Panel® is an exclusive OEM re-seller of Hitachi's Starboard Digital Annotation Suite software.