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What is a Tek Panel®?

The Tek Panel® is the most advanced all-in-one wide screen LCD/PC available today. The Tek Panel® features a high-resolution LCD display with a high-powered personal computer specifically engineered to fit directly within its case. The PC components are fully customizable and upgradable, and Tek Panels® can run all flavors of Windows and Linux.

The Tek Panels® are also fully capable of display video sources from S-Video, composite video or component . In addition, with a built-in 15 in 1 media card reader, the Tek Panel® has every input you could possibly need to display your content.

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What can a Tek Panel® Do?

The Tek Panel® is the most comprehensive all-in-one multimedia PC onthe market - Let your imagination run wild.

  • Watch TV from Cable, Satellite, VCR, DVD, onboard Video Recorder or Digital Camcorder
  • Listen to your favorite music CD's on the Bose speaker system or create your own using the on-board DVD/CD/ +/- RW Drive
  • Supercharge your PC games with a high-end graphics card from ATI or NVidia
  • Use your favorite Windows Software, surf the Internet, check your e-mail, and keep an eye on your favorite TV show or stock ticker .. All at the same time!
  • Review, edit, display or print the digital media of your choice
  • Full PC functionality with built-in Intel® or AMD® processors and Microsoft® Windows
  • Move around the room with ease using the optional Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

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Where will a Tek Panel® fit?

Tek Panel® is the most streamlined all-in-one LCD computer available today. Imagine this as a large picture frame on your wall; a screen capable of doing everything you could do with a high-definition TV or state-of-the-art personal computer! The size and flexible mounting options allow Tek Panel® to be an integral part of any environment. Wall-mounting or freestanding, at home or in the office, gives you the ability to utilize its all-in-one power on demand.

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Who needs a Tek Panel®?

Anyone who has the desire to bring the most complete multimedia capability to their home or work environment. With the highest level of PC and graphics performance, the most complete offering of input options and the largest TFT/LCD display on the market today, your choices are unlimited. Bring the home video experience up to the graphics level you deserve or command attention when using the Tek Panel® to fire up your next business presentations. Display simultaneous data on the large screen, from HDTV, games, applications, e-mail, digital video/photos or surf the Internet!

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Is there really a computer behind the LCD display?

Not just a computer -- it is a fully customizable PC. We use Intel and AMD processors of any performance level you choose. We can make it as fast or as efficient as you desire. The Tek Panel® is truly a powerful resource for business and personal needs.

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What are the input options on a Tek Panel®?

Network ready and input/output rich with 10/100/1000 Ethernet, multiple USB ports, Firewire, serial and parallel ports plus S-Video, composite and component inputs. A unique, multi I/O block allows instant access for video gaming systems, camcorders and digital cameras. The analog and digital compatibility allows the simultaneous viewing of multiple data streams including NTSC/TV, Cable TV, Satellite, DVD and interactive internet sources. Combined with an ultra wide active matrix display, your digital video experience will elevate to a new level.

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How are the graphics and picture quality?

Seeing is believing! The Active Matrix TFT/LCD resolution panel is unsurpassed in quality, performance and reliability. Our HD systems can display 480p, 720p and 1080p. With high display brightness and over 170' viewing cone, the Tek Panel® provides crisp, clean vivid graphics and video output from both digital and analog sources. High-speed response and anti-glare face creates the most advanced flat panel picture available today.

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What components do you use to build the Tek Panels®?

We use all high-end, brand-name components to build our Tek Panels®. A brilliant high-definition LCD display deserves to have the best PC parts running behind it, so we use Intel® and AMD® processors, ATI® and NVidia® graphics adapters, Intel® and Asus motherboards, just to name a few. Our LCD displays are also made by the most trusted names in the display business, so you're Tek Panel® is made out of the highest quality parts from top to bottom; from end to end.

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Are the Tek Panels® made overseas and just imported to sell here in the U.S.?

Absolutely not! Tek Panels® are designed, engineered and built right here in the U.S.A. Our facilities are in Sugar Grove, IL, about an hour west of downtown Chicago.

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I like the display of a Tek Panel®, but I run ABC application that needs an XYZ graphics card. Can I get a Tek Panel® utilizing that graphics card?

Yes! Tek Panels® are designed to be fully customizable and upgradable. Let us know if there is a specific brand or model for any internal component that you wish to use in your Tek Panel®, and more than likely we can build your Tek Panel® LCD computer using that component.

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How much are your Tek Panel® computers?

Tek Panel® computers are built-to-order, so the price can vary depending on which model and which components you need. To obtain pricing, please call us at 630.466.7664 and ask for sales, or e-mail us to request a quote.

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Is the Tek Panel® a suitable replacement for my family television?

Not only is it suitable, it's superior to your television! With inputs for component, composite video and S-Video, it can handle any components you wish to plug into it, including DVR, Cable or Satellite set-top boxes, video game consoles, VCRs or DVD players.

In addition to all your video input options, you of course have a full-powered PC, capable of allowing you to play PC games, check e-mail, surf the Web or anything else you would use your computer for.

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Do you offer a warranty?

We absolutely stand behind the materials and craftsmanship used to build our Tek Panels®. All Tek Panels® come standard with a 1 Year limited Warranty covering parts and Labor. You may also purchase up to a 3 Year limited warranty. Call us at 630.466.7664 for more details.

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What is a digital whiteboard?

A Tek Panel® (with touchscreen) along with Hitachi Starboard software is what makes the Tek Panel® Digital Whiteboard. On a digital whiteboard, you can electronically "write", annotate and add clip art objects over any Windows application, on a blank screen or on a template of your choosing. It gives you all the functionality of a dry-erase whiteboard (or chalkboard), but allows you to save your changes and export them to a variety of formats to disseminate any way you choose. The Tek Panel® Digital Whiteboard is unique because the entire system is contained ALL IN ONE piece of hardware. There are no cables, projectors, sensors or any external hardware needed, including any special electronic pens or styluses! You can use your finger if you wish, or even the cap end of a ball point pen!

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Why do Tek Panels® look deeper than standard LCD displays?

Tek Panels® are built with high-end PC components; not low powered or mobile computing components. Tek Panels® are built to run and display ANY content or applications you need, no matter how resource-intensive or demanding your application may be. You can't run HD content on a machine with an embedded PC with a 1.5Ghz Celeron processor. To realize the full potential of a digital sign, you need full-powered Intel Core 2 processors. Tek Panel's® form factor allows for maximum power and upgrade ability on the PC side.

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