Why Tek Panel

img-madeUSADigital display technology and workstation computing have both reached a critical mass in our modern world. There are countless hardware and display options to help companies, institutions and individuals meet their technological objectives. So, why choose a Tek Panel®?

Made in the USA

Tek Panels® are built-to-order in our Sugar Grove, IL manufacturing facilities. These are NOT imported panel PCs coming off of an assembly line half-way around the world. A wide range of components are available for you to choose from and customize the exact technology solution you need.

Brand Name Components

Tek Panels® are assembled using high-end brand name components from companies such as Intel®, AMD®, NVidia®, Samsung® and LG® amongst others. Similar products available on the market are mass-produced and are assembled using the cheapest parts available in that country.

Upgradability and Customization

Tek Panels® are highly customizable inside and out and are even upgraded easily in the field. If there is a specific component you need, whether it's a Intel® Xeon™ Quad Core processor or simply extra Firewire ports, your Tek Panel will be built specifically to your exact needs.

Sales and Technical Support

When you need us, we're right here in the USA. In additional to our nationwide network of representatives, dealers and installers, our headquarters is located right outside Chicago, IL. Your tech support or sales questions will be answered by one of our engineers or sales representatives within Tek Panel®.


Tek Panel's® engineers and management team has been working together to develop technology solutions for over 25 years. Tek Panel® specializes in custom engineering and manufacturing solutions. Tek Panel® has been producing all-in-one computers since 2002. Because of our industry experience and engineering expertise, we can build very specific solutions to meet even the most demanding project requirements. From ruggedized explosion-resistant designs for the U.S. military to specially-sealed units for use in university gross anatomy labs, we've designed all-in-one LCD computers for all kinds of environments.

Ease of Installation

The all-in-one design of a Tek Panel® just makes sense! Why maintain an LCD projector, separate computer, wired power and network connections as well as digital whiteboard hardware in your board room when you can simply mount a Tek Panel®, plug it in and turn it on? Tek Panels® also make the perfect choice for interactive applications, featuring superior display brilliance as well at the local computing and networking horsepower to receive and serve content. Tek Panels® save money on installation costs, not to mention TCO items such as LCD projector bulbs.