Standard Models

tp-allTek Panel® offers standard HD LCD display panel models that include many of the same features that are built into our custom products. Standard Tek Panels® HD LCD display panels feature rugged all-aluminum enclosures, commercial-grade HD LCD display panels and multiple input/output ports including USB, Firewire, VGA, S-Video, Component Video, Composite Video and a 15-1 memory card reader. Tek Panels® HD LCD display panels are highly customizable beyond the standard specs. Typical options include the full line of processors available by Intel® and AMD®, graphics from Nvidia and ATI, high-density infra red touch screen, as well as various sizes and capacities for hard drives (including solid state) and RAM.

Have Tek Panel® help you configure and build the exact hardware solution you're looking for. Contact Tek Panel® for options and pricing or talk to your Tek Panel® representative today.

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All in One Large Touch Screen Computers

Tek Panel® has been producing top of the line custom touch screen all in one computers since the technology was first introduced to the market. Today, the touch screen options we offer are unlike what other companies can provide. We will custom produce touch screen computers that will suit your exact needs. Whether you want the highest quality home entertainment system available or a set of industrial touch screen monitors for your business, Tek Panel® will make it happen.

Touch Screen Technology

Today’s touch screen computers represent a lot of research, testing, and innovative exploration of touch screen technology. Many do not realize that touch screens were first explored back in the 1960’s. The first touch screens were created for use in air traffic control settings, but not made available for consumer applications. The first touch screen applications were in the music business, for high end music re-synthesis and sampling - allowing the user to move data using a light pen.

Today, we use the basic infrared touch screen technology that was first developed for use with the touchscreen computers of the 1980s. Of course, the touch screen has advanced to include color, better control modules, and more precision. Tek Panel® has combined the best in touch screen technology with modern computer hardware to create all in one touch screen computers that are ideal for the modern office or home entertainment system.

Benefits of All in One display Models

With an all in one computer with touch screen from Tek Panel®, you get the ideal combination of dependability, technology, and modern design. All of our all in one touch screen computers limit the number of cables, extras, and pieces that you usually need. They include built in internal stereo speakers, on-board graphics, and a DVD/CD drive. The computer specs are top of the line, featuring top of the line options for hard drives and RAM capacity. Using only the most powerful Intel or AMD processors, the Tek Panel® all in one touch screen computers are second to none.

With a large touch screen monitor that you can use your computer intuitively while accessing files, images, programs, and games in a way that feels natural and is more fun than pushing around a mouse. Plus, the touch screens come in high density options so your resolution is crystal clear. No more mouse, no extra speakers and cables, and incredible technology that has previously only been imagined in science fiction shows and movies - the Tek Panel® all in one touch screen computers are the future.

Industrial Touch Screens Built to Order

Tek Panel® is a leader in touch screen computer production and design, but many clients are interested in customized solutions for industrial touch screen needs. With a 43,000 square foot manufacturing plant floor space and a 12,000 square foot research and engineering laboratory, Tek Panel® has the resources to produce just what clients need. Tek Panel® engineers will customize units for clients requiring AutoCAD, SolidWords, AUTODYN Hydrocode, ANSYS Emag FEA software, ANSYS Mechanical FEA software, and ProE, along with any number of other options.

For industrial applications, Tek Panel® is at the forefront of both design and engineering. Since 1984, we have been providing customizable LCD displays uniquely designed for the U.S. military. Our clients recognize that when they work with Tek Panel®, they are getting the top engineers and most experienced producers of industrial all in one touch screen computers.

Customizable, High Tech Solutions

Tek Panel® has succeeded in the field of LCD displays because of the innovative approach we take. With a range of options for all applications, you will find what you need when looking for a touch screen monitor with the all in one computer systems behind it.