Tek Panel All-in-One Computers Offer Built-In Multi-Touch

April 22, 2011 10:17 AM

SUGAR GROVE, IL — April 21, 2011 — Today Tek Panel Inc. announced the availability of multi-touch on all of their Tek Panel all-in-one computers with display sizes from 24 inches up to 70 inches. Since 2004, Tek Panel has offered single touch integrated all-in-one computer systems in their product line, and Tek Panel CEO John Bastian believes that the time is right for multi-touch on large format displays.

“We prepared for the multi-touch revolution over 4 years ago, having developed our first complete all-one-one display system with multi-touch capabilities in 2007.” said Mr. Bastian. “However, software taking advantage of multi-touch was lacking, so the application of this technology was very limited. With the popularity of Windows 7 (which has multi-touch functionality built-in), software is now being created that can take advantage of this new way of interacting with digital content.”

Adoption of Multi-Touch on Handheld Devices Spurs Software Progress

The popularity of devices such as the Apple® iPad®, smart phones and Android™ enabled tablets have conditioned many consumers on multi-touch interfaces in their day-to-day activities with their smart phones and other mobile devices.

“Some of our customers have indicated that they have observed users interacting with their single touch applications with two fingers or both hands, just like they’re used to doing on their handheld devices.” said Mr. Bastian. “This indicates the lifting of one of the previous obstacles of using multi-touch for digital signage, and has spurred content and software developers to explore all of the innovative uses of multi-touch in their interactive applications.”

Content is King, but Hardware is the Throne

In order to deliver highly immersive interactive experiences for the consumer, the hardware must be capable, upgradeable and reliable. Tek Panel has been producing all-in-one interactive computer systems for that purpose for over 8 years.

“Our extensive experience in developing custom display technology solutions for the military and commercial clients is behind the engineering and production of all of our standard Tek Panel models, including our full line of all-in-one interactive systems,” says Tek Panel CEO John Bastian. 

Availability of Multi-Touch on Tek Panels

Tek Panel is immediately offering the multi-touch hardware upgrade for all Tek Panel integrated systems with 24 inch displays up to the Tek Panel 700 which features a 70” display. Single point infra-red touch screens are still available on all Tek Panel models also.

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Tek Panel Inc., a U.S. designer and manufacturer of Innovative Flat Panel Technologies, has provided advanced display technology solutions to Government, Commercial and Education markets for over 10 Years. The company has production facilities in Sugar Grove, IL, with sales offices in Florida, Arizona and Illinois. Tek Panels are FCC compliant and most models can also be found on the GSA Schedule. All Tek Panels are made in the USA.


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